Lips by BB Cosmetics

Crush Cream Lip Gloss


We're crushin' over this new cutiešŸ’˜ šŸ„°

Crush is a beautiful mauve/pink flat shade that will have you droolin' for that perfect pink pout!šŸ‘„

+Full, bold coverageĀ (pigment level: medium)

+Non-sticky feelĀ 

+Silky, creamy, hydrating formulaĀ 

+Light sweet scent

*Pairs well with any of our LBB lip liner shadesĀ Ā 

Container: 4ml clear wand tubeĀ 

Ingredients:Ā Vegan lip gloss base, natural oils, white, mauve + red pigments, orange mica, and sweet flavoring oil. (All ingredients are lip cosmetic grade)

***This product is not vegan

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