When did LBB launch?

March 1st, 2020. 

What do we focus + specialize in? 

We focus on the overall health of lips through natural + cruelty free lip cosmetics. We specialize in lip gloss, liquid matte lipsticks, lip scrubs & more! We take pride in our hand mixed products, and our research into our ingredients. We’ve personally tried many popular lip care brands, but had very few products that we actually vouched for. That’s what motivated us to create our own line.

What do we want people to know about us?

We’re HUGE on inclusivity, diversity and community. A creative cosmetic brand that’s growing and eager to succeed in the ever growing beauty industry!

We take the time to research + create our own handmade products. Create dope large scale cosmetic ads and marketing projects that present more than "just" lip cosmetics. Why? Because we’re more than just that! 

"Today we welcome you to learn about us. About our handmade and cruelty free products. About our hand picked natural ingredients. And about our mission to empower and promote self love through confidently rockin' lip cosmetics - like a BOSS!"

Bianca Camara, CEO